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Information on Our Brands

Go Gently Baby

Go Gently Baby from the United States is a fabulously stylish organic cotton knit label. Sweet, simple style with a little edge, Go Gently Baby creates stylish, earth friendly apparel for children and shares the vision: Teach your children to Love others, Be kind to the earth and to Go Gently on their journey through life. Organic and sustainable fabrics are chosen each season as well as water based inks and low impact dyes. All of the garments are constructed in Los Angeles, CA.

La Queue du Chat

Pretty, fun and cuddly-soft, this line of clothes from the French fair-trade and organic label La Queue du Chat (“The Cat’s Tail” in French) aims to be both beautiful and ethical. Since its foundation in 2005, the vibrant and cutie-pie brand is just that: good for the Earth, sensitive to the wellbeing of the cotton farmers, and tender on the sensitive skin of the babies who will wear it. Only pure Organic Cotton, grown without the use of pesticide or chemicals is used in the production of the brand’s range. All cotton products are made from 100% organic cotton certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).


Knowing firsthand what mothers need from their kid's clothing, Lorraine made it easy. Using durable, pre-washed, and pre-shrunk materials built with the highest standards, Redfish Kids Clothing is designed to transform and endure with growing boys and girls. The clothes are built for versatility.  Pants become shorts, a swing dress becomes a smock, and best of all siblings can share each other's clothes.

Redfish Kids Clothing was inspired by the street fashion in cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo.  This courageous vision brings together brave creativity and an eye for detail. Clean lines and simple designs keep kids free to be physical.  Redfish Kids Clothing is 100% sweatshop-free and made in Canada. Each item is made with love and attention.


In a world of faceless conglomerates, Joyfolie is a small company offering unique and sometimes even one-of-a-kind items. Joyfolie is a play on words: it is pronounced like the common word "joyfully" but "folie" is the french words for frenzy/madness because children are a joyful frenzy. Joyfolie offers shoes for girls which are thoughtfully considered in the construction and packaging. In particular, organic cotton is used as much as possible.  Additional eco-friendly materials include recycled rubber, bamboo jersey, organic eucalyptus, felt made from 100% post-consumer plastic, cork, and reclaimed materials and trim.

Kate Quinn Organics

Kate Quinn launched her first line of organic baby clothing in 2005 after a successful career as a Hollywood stylist. She used her years of experience in fashion to take organic baby clothing to another level. By mixing classic, clean designs with vibrant, nature-inspired colors, Kate finally brought moms what we've all been asking for: an apparel line that was not only non-toxic and eco-friendly, but also fashionable. Beyond offering newborn necessities, such as onesies, pants, and infant gowns, Kate Quinn Organics provides organic options for dresses, button-down shirts, and jackets.

Li'l Ludy

Li’l Ludy encompasses all Australian designed and made swimwear ensuring sweatshop free and ethical practices which is sustainable for the local community. Li’l Ludy aims to provide one offprints which are a li’l retro and a li’l different; swimwear that is not only unique and adorable, but reminiscent of a 70’s childhood representing the innocence and simplicity of being a child.

Little Alouette

Over a decade ago a British boy and an Ohio lass met and fell madly in love at first site in a sleepy university town.  The boy was a classically trained master carpenter and the girl a writer with a bit of wanderlust. They started a journey of following their bliss and eventually brought two wee ones into the world and began creating wooden toys for them. They decided to share these wee wooden toys with the world and Little Alouette was born over hot steaming mugs of cocoa in the winter of 2007.

The toys are made of locally sourced hardwoods and, if not left unfinished, are finished only with certified organic flax seed oil.  Each product is made by hand and usually all the wood is surrounded by cups of tea, laughing children and disco music, so each product will come to you infused with love and bliss!


Founded in 2006, Piccalilly love bright, modern & stylish clothes for babies and children. Piccalilly also love to go about producing their fab ranges the best way they can - which they call the Piccalilly way. All their ranges are ethically produced and where possible they use FAIRTRADE certified organic cotton. Whilst aiming to produce great looking comfy clothes for babies and kids without compromising the people who make Piccalilly's lovely ranges or the planet.